Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hang loose, Hawaii! "Honokaa Boy" premieres on the Big Island

by Chris MaGee

This news item comes a little late in the game, but I blame it on the original report posted at Cinema Today. The world premiere of Atsushi Sanada's film "Honokaa Boy" (you can read our original report on it here) took place appropriately enough in Honokaa, Hawaii on February 22nd as a ay to thank locals for appearing in and supporting the production. Stars (from left to right) Jun Hasegawa, Masaki Okada, Chieko Baisho and Keiko Matsuzaka were on hand at the celebration decked out in their Hawaiian finery... although seeing the once (and still) gorgeous Matsuzaka in a muu-muu makes me kind of sad.

"Honokaa Boy" follows Okada's young character as he travels to the island state to get over breaking up with his girlfriend. There he's helped by the colourful locals including Hasegawa who plays a born and bred islander. Yeah, I think I could get over being dumped pretty easily if I was hanging out with Jun Hasegawa...

"Honokaa Boy", which also stars Yu Aoi, will hit Japanese theatres in wide relase on March 14th. Check out the trailer for it below and pray that winter ends soon.

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