Sunday, March 22, 2009

More on Hideo Nakata's upcoming English-language thriller "Chatroom" comes to light

by Chris MaGee

Back in November I was thrilled to report that "Ringu" and "Dark Water" director Hideo Nakata was going to be helming his first English language film (barring his own Hollywood remake of "Ring 2") titled "Chatroom". Now I wasn't so excited that Nakata would be making the shift to mainstream English Language moviemaking. No, it was more due to the fact that he subject matter sounded so interesting. "Chatroom" is being based on Irish playwright Enda Walsh's 2007 stage play of the same name about six middle-class teens whose conversations in an online chatroom go from innocent to malevolent. Now Nippon Cinema has a detailed plot synopsis of the play/ film for those that aren't afraid of some very mild spoilers. You can check out the synopsis here.

On top of that the folks at Upcoming Horror Movies have scored not one, but two early promo posters for the film upon its completion will be distributed by London-based WestEnd Films. Originally Eve Schoukroun, the head of WestEnd Films, was quoted as saying that "Chatroom" would be reminiscent of "'Disturbia and 'Cube'" and by the poster on the right it definitely looks like they'll be playing that similarity up. In fact both posters have me a little bit worried that Walsh's play will get taken down the very well worn territory of so many J-Horror films, including Nakata's before it. Nakata is a filmmaker with so much talent, and one who's capable of so much more than just scary Japanese ghost girls (just check out his 1999 film "Chaos" to see what I mean) that I hope "Chatroom" gives him a chance to show his range. Fingers crossed....

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