Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shutaro Oku and an impressive cast bring us "USB"

by Chris MaGee

Here is yet another interesting project brought to us by the ever watchful eyes of Kevin Ouellette at Nippon Cinema. Coming to us from director Shutaro Oku, who brought us last year's equally intriguing "Death of Domomata", "USB" is a drama set amongst the nuclear power stations of Ibaraki Prefecture. Yuichiro (Visitor Q) lives at home with his mother, played by Kaori Momoi (Sukiyaki Western Django), and harbours dreams of becoming a doctor like his late father, but when Yuichiro runs up debts with the local yakuza, headed up by the ubiquitous Ren Osugi, he's forced to take desperate measures to make some quick cash. He volunteers for a dangerous clinical study being conducted by his cousin, played by Nao Omori (Ichi the Killer, Vibrator) that is reasearching the effects of high doses of radiation on the human body.

Now before all of you say, "Gamma rays! The Incredible Hulk!" consider that the tag line for the film is "A desperate and somewhat ambiguous radioactive town," then head over to Nippon Cinema to check out the decidely un-comic book trailer. You can also find out more info about "USB" at its official website here.

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