Friday, March 6, 2009

Viz Pictures to release "L, Change the World" in U.S. theatres on April 29th and 30th

by Chris MaGee

Viz Pictures has been really great distributing recent Japanese films on DVD, but in the past year or so they've made the brave move of organizing successful one-night-only theatrical releases for their films as well. Two of the biggest successes for them were their theatrical runs of Shusuke Kaneko's "Death Note" last September and its sequel, "Death Note II: The Last Name" in December.

Well, now Anime News Network has the great news that Viz, in cooperation with NCM Fathom, will be running a 2-night theatrical release of Hideo Nakata's 2008 "Death Note" spin-off "L, Change the World" in the U.S. on April 29th and 30th. As many of you probably already know "L, Change the World" stars Ken'ichi Matsuyama as the genius detective L who this time out must prevent a group of scientists from unleashing a lethal virus on an unsuspecting world; but why a 2-night run? The great answer to that is that Viz will be running an original Japanese language track with English subtitles on April 29th followed by the English dubbed version on the 30th.

400 U.S. theatres will be participating in the event (check out full listings here), but I can hear you Canadians now, "What about us?" No official word has come from Viz Pictures yet, but all the other "Death Note" films have had Canadian runs, so I doubt that will change now. As soon as we get word on a Canadian theatrical release of "L, Change the World" we'll let you know.

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