Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Festival lineup announced for Udine

by Bob Turnbull

Twitch has the full press release and complete lineup of films for this year's Udine Far East Film Festival being held from April 24 - May 2. Here's the list of the Japanese films (the largest set from any one country) being presented:

  • "Fish Story", NAKAMURA Yoshihiro, apocalyptic-dramady, 2009, European Premiere
  • "The Triumphant General Rouge", NAKAMURA Yoshihiro, 2009, medical-thriller, International Festival Premiere
  • "Climber’s High", HARADA Masato, 2009, disaster-thriller, International Festival Premiere
  • "Departures", TAKITA Yojiro, 2008, Academy Award-winning drama, Italian Premiere
  • "Drop", SHINAGAWA Hiroshi, 2009, teen-gang-dramady, European Premiere
  • "The Handsome Suit", HANABUSA Tsutomu, 2008, romantic-comedy, International Festival Premiere
  • "Instant Swamp", MIKI Satoshi, 2009, deranged-comedy, World Premiere
  • "K-20: Legend Of The Mask", SATO Shimako, 2008, action-fantasy, European Premiere
  • "Lalapipo - A Lot Of People", MIYANO Masayuki, 2008, erotic-comedy, International Festival Premiere
  • "Love Exposure", SONO Sion, 2009, cult-romantic-comedy, Italian Premiere
  • "One Million Yen Girl", TANADA Yuki, 2008, youth-road-movie, Italian Premiere
  • "Yatterman", MIIKE Takashi, superhero-fantasy, European Premiere
  • "Love Master 3", TAJIRI Yuji, 2008, erotic-comedy, International Premiere

There's a few choice bits in that list for sure, including the World premiere of Satoshi Miki's "Instant Numa" (or "Instant Swamp"). We've reported news about it here previously. His earlier film "Adrift In Tokyo" is currently hitting selected cities and theatres across Canada in a staged release. Toronto gets it starting May 1st at the AMC Yonge & Dundas.

Check deeper into the press release on the Twitch site to see more details about some of the films and the guest stars who will be attending the festival in Udine.

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