Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The full theatrical trailer arrives for Ken'ichi Matsuyama's "Ultra Miracle Story"

by Chris MaGee

There are two things that I've learned in the past year running the Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow blog. First it's that when you start seeing galleries of stills for upcoming films being posted on sites like Cinema Today and the theatrical trailers won't be far behind. The second thing I've learned is that when those theatrical trailers do arrive one person will find and post them, that person being Nippon Cinema's Kevin Ouellette.

Once again this two prong lead up has borne out with Satoko Yokohama‘s upcoming romantic Comedy "Ultra Miracle Love Story". Just last week I posted a heads up about a full gallery of stills from the film which stars "Detroit Metal City's" Ken'ichi Matsuyama as a country boy who falls for a teacher from the big city, played by Kimiko Aso, which is set for release in Japanese theatres on May 30th. Now only a few days later Kevin has got the full theatrical trailer, and damned if it doesn't look like a lot of fun, but I'm a huge fan of Matsuyama, so I'm a bit partial.

You can check out the trailer by clicking here, and if you get a chance head over to the official site for "Ultra Miracle Love Story" here and have a browse around.

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