Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hiroki Matsukata and Jo Shishido in the same film?! Kaizo Hayashi's "The Code" opens in Japan

by Chris MaGee

When you screw up you have to own up to it, and it's taken me a whole six months to finally talk about Kaizo Hayashi's spy adventure "The Code" here on the blog. The film, which stars Kikunosuke Onoe as a master codebreaker known only as #507, premiered at last year's Tokyo International Film Festival and for some reason I didn't mention it, but here's my excuse: I never knew who was in the supporting cast. Listen to this: Hiroki Matsukata and Jo Shishido!

The film just screened yesterday in Shibuya at the Ebisu Garden Hall in advance of its May 9th Japanese theatrical and both Matsukata and Onoe were on hand at the films screening at the to greet the audience. The film written by Tomihiko Tokunaga follows the exploits of the black suited agents of Detective Office 5, a fictional organization based on the CIA or MI5, who must best criminal gangs in an alternate 1960's Japan. Detective #507 gets involved in a case that takes him to Shanghai where he must break a code tattooed onto the back of a beautiful cabaret singer named Meilan, played by Shihori Kanjiya.

One of the reasons that I may not have picked up on this one is that the davance buzz hasn't been that positive. You can check out this review to see what I mean, but with two of Japanese cinema's iconic tough guys making appearances I may just make myself wade through a muddled story just so I can see them opposite each other.

Check out the trailer below and see what you think and then ehad over to Cinema Today to see a full gallery of promotional stills.

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