Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Korean pop star + a famed kabuki actor = "Kondo no nichiyoubi ni (This Sunday)"

by Chris MaGee

A really interesting sounding cross-cultural film just opened yesterday in Japan. Directed by Satoki Kenmochi and titled "Kondo no nichiyoubi ni (This Sunday)" it tells of a young Korean woman named Sora who travels to Tokyo to attend film school and rendezvous with her boyfriend who previously made the trip to Japan. Upon arriving though she discovers that he's had enough of the pressure of living in the Japanese capital and has moved back to Korea. Sora is left alone in the city to pursue her studies, taking on a film project she calls "Beyond Your Interest" and chooses as her subject a Japanese pizza deliveryman and janitor named Matsumoto whose hobby is collecting coloured glass bottles out of the trash. Through filming him Sora begins to learn more and more about Matsumoto, but it's not just a one way street. Matsumoto begins to learn about Sora and soon the two begin to fall in love.

What makes "Kondo no nichiyoubi ni" even more interesting is the cast. Sora is portrayed by Korean pop star Youn-ha (above left) in her acting debut, while Matsumoto is played by the highly esteemed kabuki actor Somegoro Ichikawa (above right) whose previous film roles include parts in Koki Mitani's "Rajio no Jikan" and Shunji Iwai's "April Story".

Check out the trailer for "Kondo no nichiyoubi ni" below and the film's official site here. Thanks to Variety Japan for pointing the way to it.

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