Thursday, April 2, 2009

Naoko Ogigami's "Megane" opens this year's Barcelona Asian Film Festival

by Chris MaGee

It's not just Nippon Connection that Asian and Japanese film fans are looking forward to this month. Barcelona will be hosting its 11th Annual Asian Film Festival from April 30th to May 10th, and while the full line-up has yet to be announced the fest's programmers have booked the opening film, Naoko Ogigami's minimalist and meditative 2007 comedy/ drama "Megane (Glasses)". the follow-up to Ogigami's surprise 2006 hit "Kamome Shokudo (Seagull Diner)", "Megame" reunites its predecessor's stars Satomi Kobayashi and Masako Motai in the story of a stressed out city-dweller who escapes the rat race on a southern Japanese island. You can check out the full trailer below and keep an eye on development with this year's BAFF at it's official site here.

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