Monday, April 13, 2009

Shinichi Fujita's "Yassy" promises blood, fist fights, and mayhem

by Chris MaGee

If news of a new Yoshihiro Nishimura film wasn't enough for you action/ gore fans on this Easter Monday then Kevin over at Nippon Cinema has just what you need to top yourselves off. Shinichi Fujita, whose only previous film work was a screenwriting credit on Yûji Shimomura's 2005 film "Death Trance", appears to be putting together his own short film titled "Yassy". The star of the film is Hiroko Yashiki who has done bit parts and plenty of stunt work in films like "The Machine Girl" and "Shinobi: Heart Under Blade", but it's unclear at this point who her character really is. Is her name "Yassy"? Is her pet dog named "Yassy"? And the plot of "Yassy"? Who cares! It's got bloody fist fights, ninja, girls with swords, and many kicks to the old cranium. Plot schmot!

Click here to listen to Marilyn Manson and and see people beat each other up. Have fun!

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