Sunday, April 12, 2009

Takashi Shimizu turns "Ju-On" into a game for the Nintendo Wii

by Chris MaGee

It looks like J-Horror master Takashi Shimizu is branching out from filmmaking. Nippon Cinema is reporting that Shimizu has buddied up with the folks at Nintendo to create a Wii video game based on his chilling J-Horror film series "Ju-On (The Grudge)". Besides some promo images over at Nippon Cinema there's not much known about this game thus far, in fact there's quite a bit of speculation and confusion online about it. First off there's conflicting reports on what the title even is. My fellow Asian film blogger Mandi Apple is reporting that the new game will be titled "Feel", while Kevin at Nippon Cinema is reporting that the game will be called "Kyôfu Taikan: Ju-on (Horror Experience: The Grudge)”. In terms of content the only thing that seems to be certain is that the game will be for one or two players and that the Wii controller manipulates an onscreen flashlight which illuminates the game's creepy interiors. Besides that there's no official release date, no game plan or plot, nothing. Could be a real treat for fans of the "Ju-On" films or a Wii rip-off of the old "Silent Hill" games. We won't be sure until more info begins to leak out.

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