Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Upcoming film will explore what it's like being married to the creator of "Gegege no Kitaro"

by Chris MaGee

I've talked about Shigeru Mizuki quite a bit on the Pow-Wow blog (you can find a collection of our stories on him here), obviously because he was the creator of one of the most iconic manga/ anime characters in Japanese pop culture history, Gegege no Kitaro, but also because he's lived a really interesting life: fighting in the Japanese Imperial Army's 4th Infantry in New Guinea during WW2 where he lost his left, contracted malaria, and had, as he describes it, firsthand experience with the spirit world. Now actor/ writer/ director Takuji Suzuki, whose previous credits include penning the screenplay for Shinobu Yaguchi's "My Secret Cache" and co-directing the 2006 horror film "Kowai onna", is planning on enlightening Japanese movie audiences about another aspect of Mizuki's life, his 48-year marriage to Nunoe Mura (above right).

"GeGeGe no Nyōbō (Spooky Wife)" will chart the relationship between Mizuki and Mura (Mura is actually Mizuki's real family name) from their first arranged meeting in 1961 through to the present day, and will be adapted from Mura's bestselling memoir of the same name that was published in Japan last year. No casting has been announced yet, but shotting is scheduled to begin in the fall with a release slated for next summer to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the launch of Mizuki's career as an artist and illustrator.

I would love to see a film like this, but who knows how many others in North America would. I'm thinking this could be a big hit in Japan while it's subject matter could see it totally passed over in North America. Thanks to Anime News Network for the story.

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