Friday, April 3, 2009

Yohei Fukuda's "Onechanbara" gets a sequel and a teaser trailer

by Chris MaGee

Here's something interesting for all you action fans out there. According to 24 Frames Per Second and Twitch Yohei Fukuda's crowd pleasing but critically-panned big screen video game movie "Onechanbara (a.k.a. Chanbara Beauty)" has got itself a sequel.

"Onechanbara Vortex" expands on the original characters in the Tamsoft and D3 video game series including "Onechanbara's" katana wielding heroine Aya who must fight off an army of the undead wearing nothing but a bikini and a cowboy hat, although it seems that this time out that actress Eri Otoguro has been replaced by another lovely young lass in very little clothing. Besides that all the kick ass violence appears to be in place, so make sure to follow either link above to see what new trouble Aya can get herself into. After that make sure to read through Pow-Wow staff writer Matthew Hardstaff's review of the first "Onechanbara" here.

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