Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great action, but bad acting in the full trailer for Shinichi Fujita's "Yassy"

by Chris MaGee

Here's more action news to follow up on the rather disappointing first five minutes of "Blood the Last Vampire", although the acting in this one is even worse. Regular readers will remember that back in mid-April we reported on a new short action film directed by "Death Trance" screenwriter Shinichi Fujita titled "Yassy". There didn't seem to be much of a story, in fact that teaser trailer looked more like a stunt reel for the film's star Hiroko Yashiki with a lot of kicks, punches and blood set to Marylin Manson music. Now Fujita has released the full trailer for "Yassy" and guess what? It still looks like a stunt reel, but this time with more action, and it's good action, don't get me wrong, but the acting! Oh, it's more painful than any kung-fu chop that Yashiki could unleash!

If you like films like "The Machine Girl", "Hard Revenge Milly" and "High Kick Girl" then follow this link to Nippon Cinema to catch all two minutes and thirty-seven seconds of ass-whupping, but don't expect Shakespeare...

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