Friday, May 1, 2009

If the swine flu pandemic is here let's at least look cool, right?

by Chris MaGee

Everywhere we've turned this week there have been headline after headline about the new strain of swine flu. Some people say it's going to peter out while others are convinced that this could be the pandemic flu that wipes us all out. Whether it's one or the other (and I dearly hope it's the former) one thing that could become fairly common in all our futures are cold masks. If you've traveled in japan you already know that they're a fairly common sight. Why miss work if you can just throw on a cold mask to protect yourself and your co-workers? The only thing about cold masks is they look so clinical. Now illustrator Yoriko Yoshida has changed all that with designs for stylish cold masks. That one above is pretty damn cool and the folks over at Pink Tentacle have even more. I could see these catching on, flu pandemic or not... and let's hope not.

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