Friday, May 1, 2009

Yasuhiro Yoshiura's "Time of Eve" to be released in Japanese theatres and on Blu-ray

by Chris MaGee

Wow! With a review of "Ghost in the Shell", word of a misguided English-language "Death Note" remake, and "Blood the Last Vampire" news The Pow-Wow seems to be anime news central this Friday. To make it official I thought I'd report on one of the most exciting new anime series being released commercially in Japan.

Nishikata Film Review's Cathy Munroe Hotes turned me onto Yasuhiro Yoshiura's independently produced "Time of Eve" about a month or so ago and since then I've burned through the first three episodes that are streaming over at Crunchyroll. It's got a really compelling concept: what if there were a coffee bar in a near future world where you couldn't tell the difference between people and their human-like android slaves? Would it be a danger to human society or a way to sow the seeds of android rights... or both? Besides it's simple but far-reaching storyline "Time of Eve" has some truly breathtaking animation. fans, like myself, have been waiting on the fourth episode for a while now, but now Anime News Network has word that once that first episode hits, most likely in or before June, the full four episodes will get a limited theatrical release in Japanese theatres followed quickly thereafter by a a Blu-ray disc. "Time of Eve" in crystal clear Blu-ray? Magnificent!

If you haven't had a chance to become a "Time of Eve" convert yet follow the link to Crunchyroll above and feast your eyes and imagination.

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