Thursday, May 14, 2009

This year's NYAFF lines up gore, sex, and how to be a man... the Tak Sakaguchi way

by Chris MaGee

This year's New York Asian Film Festival is just around the corner. The folks at Subway Cinema have got an impressive line-up of films from across East Asia planned for the Big Apple between June 19th and July 5th, but on top of such Japanese films like Koki Mitani's "The Magic Hour", Sion Sono's "Love Exposure", and Kengo Kaji's "Samurai Princess" NYAFF has some special events planned. How special? Try "Tokyo Gore Night", which will include a programme of short films by special effects madman and director Yoshihiro Nishimura followed by a screening of his 2008 splatterfest "Tokyo Gore Police". What's really special is that during the screening Nishimura, along with "The Machine Girl" director Noboru Iguchi and visual effects supervisor Tsuyoshi Kazuno will be recording a live commentary track for the the special edition DVD of "Tokyo Gore Police".

If that does grab you (and how could it not) then how about "Pink Power: Pink Eiga Presents Japan's Unknown Film Industry"? Yup, that's right, our friends over at LA-based distributor Pink Eiga will be screening a selection of softcore cinematic classic like Daisuke Goto's "Blind Love", and a couple films from Yojiro Takita's "Molester Train" series amongst others... and yes, that's the Yojiro Takita, the director of the Oscar-winning drama "Departures".

Still not convinced? Then how about "Be a Man the Tak Sakaguchi Way"? Action star and now filmmaker Sakaguchi will be on hand to present his two films "Be a Man! Samurai School" and "Yoroi Samurai Zombie", but he won't be alone. Joining him will be stuntman and action choreographer Isao Karasawa, the man who helped coordinate the action on Wilson Yip's "Flashpoint", for a bit of onstage stunt demonstrations... but don't try them at home!

Those are some pretty solid events, folks, so it'd be best if you were all New York bound this June. To get the line-up for this year's NYAFF so far click here. Thanks to Japanator for pointing the way to this.

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