Monday, June 8, 2009

Anna Tsuchiya makes her directorial debut with the short film "Fishbone"

by Chris MaGee

Just over a week ago we told you about the 11th Annual Short Shorts Film Festival taking place in Tokyo from June 4th to 14th. The fest will bring together nearly 100 short films from around Japan and the world, but one film got a lot of attention at an opening ceremony held in Omotesando Hills on Thursday. Pop star and actress Anna Tsuchiya was presented with a special award honouring her directorial debut "Fishbone", a short about a fish who helps his friend break out from his aquarium captivity. I'm just wondering if this is a little suspect... I mean the fest hasn't even started yet and they're already handing out awards? I'm pretty sure that the other filmmakers have contributed some worthy projects... but oh wait! They're not pop stars! Okay, I get it now... So, any pearls of wisdom from the 25-year-old starlet? Apparently she told the crowd, "directing is not something one can do by themselves, and that many people helped her along the way." Now that's modesty.

The public are now getting a chance to see all the other 99 films in this year's line-up that weren't directed by pop stars, but for those of us in Canada check out the fest's official site here. Thanks to Japan Today for details on this story, and for the above pic.

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