Monday, June 1, 2009

Mai Tominaga returns with her sophomore directorial effort "Shokudo Katatsumuri"

by Chris MaGee

I'm a big fan of Mai Tominaga's 2006 debut feature "Wool 100%". It's story, or at least loose plotline, about a pair of old women who take in mysterious girl who knits, pulls apart, and then re-knits a red sweater is a truly original surreal fairy tale that any fan of Jan Svankmajer or Jean Pierre- Jeunet would absolutely adore (you can read my full review of the film here. I was wondering when or if she would follow up "Wool 100%" with another feature though, or if she would return to her roots in animation and short films, but according to Tokyograph Tominaga is already hard at work on her sophomore feature-length directorial effort.

Titled "Shokudo Katatsumuri", and based on a the best-selling novel by Ito Ogawa (above right), the film will star Kou Shibasaki (above left) and Kimiko Yo as a daughter and mother who reconnect through food. In the story Shibasaki's character has become mute from heartbreak and decides the best place to go to recover is back home to her mother. Her mother runs a restaurant where she prepares only one exquisite meal for only one patron at a time. Following in line with "Wool 100%" this film will also feature animation (both CG and stop-motion) as well as musical sequences to chronicle these two women's journey.

Filming just began on "Shokudo Katatsumuri" in May with a theatrical release scheduled for some time in 2010.

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