Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Work off those calories, firm up that flab with "Mega Monster Battle: Exercise"

by Chris MaGee

Hey kids! You can't battles evil monsters if you've got a spare tire! No way! So why don't you put down those potato chips, get off the couch and work out with "Mega Monster Battle: Exercise"! I can hear you all now, "Hold on... Mega Monster what?" It turns out that Japanese cable network Family Gekijo has recently started up a work out program geared towards children and based on the tokusatsu series "Ultra Galaxy: Mega Monster Battle". Seriously. The show, produced by tokusatsu pioneers Tsuburaya Productions, features series star Shota Minami working the cardio flanked by monsters Gomora and Miclas. Sounds like it could really work, especially if kids put on heavy rubber monster suits to work out in. They'll drop 10 lbs just in sweat.

"Mega Monster Battle: Exercise" will premiere on Family Gekijo on July 13th and run Monday to Thursday in the 4:55 p.m. time slot. Thanks to Sci-Fi Japan for the details on this story and the above image.

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