Friday, July 10, 2009

First round of guests announced for Shinsedai Cinema Festival!

by Chris MaGee

As many of you already know Jasper Sharp, the co-programmer and co-director of The Shinsedai Cinema Festival, (as well as the co-founder of Midnight Eye and the author of "Behind the Pink Curtian") will be making his way to Toronto to help present the line-up of films that he helped put together for The Shinsedai Cinema Festival. Now we’re happy to announce even more guests who will be on hand here at the festival in Toronto in August:

Yasutomo Chikuma (above center) – writer/ director/ actor, Now, I…

Touru Hano – director, Thunderfish (Raigyo)

Tetsuhiro Kato – cinematographer, Thunderfish (Raigyo)

Junko Kimoto (above left) – lead actress, Thunderfish (Raigyo)

Akino Kondoh (above right) – artist/ animator, The Evening Traveling

All will be on hand to present their films, meet festival guests and take part in a roundtable discussion, Being “Indie” in Japan. Being an independent filmmaker is a struggle regardless of what country or culture you come from, but Japan presents special challenges, as well as opportunities, for young filmmakers. Moderated by your truly Being “Indie” in Japan will cover this territory by speaking with the guest filmmakers about their experience working inside and outside the Japanese film industry. Jasper Sharp will also be on hand to provide historical context to the discussion.

Being “Indie” in Japan will take place on Sunday, August 23rd at 4:30 PM and here's the great part: the discussion will be FREE for all guests of the festival. Yet another freason to make it to Toronto and up to The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre this summer!

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