Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Gokusen: The Movie" unseats "Rookies" at the Japanese box office

by Chris MaGee

Remember when we said that the feature film spin-off of the Japanese baseball TV series "Rookies" may end up being the biggest box office draw in Japan for 2009? Well, it looks like "Rookies:Sotsugyo" may now have some serious competition.

"Gokusen: The Movie", based on the 2005 Nippon Television series about the granddaughter of a yakuza boss who becomes a teacher at a boy's private school (read our original report here), opened in Japan this past weekend on 409 screens across the country and immediately shot to the number one spot at the box office, pulling in a very impressive ¥490 million (just over $6 million CAD). That still falls short of the ¥1.2 billion that "Rookies" brought in during its first weekend of release, but it was enough to knock the baseball film starring Hayato Ichihara out of the top spot.

Check out Yukie Nakama as Kumiko, the teacher with a gangster family, in the teaser for "Gokusen: The Movie" below. Thanks to Tokyograph for these numbers.

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