Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Hottarake Island: Haruka and the Magical Mirror" gets an impressive trailer

by Chris MaGee

Even though we've seen varying degrees of computer animation used in any number of anime films in recent years ("Ghost in the Shell: Innocence", "Appleseed", "Vexille", to name only a few) Japan has yet to produce a fully realized CGI animated feature film... until now.

Back in October we told you how Production I.G., the folks behind "Ghost in the Shell", "The Sky Crawlers" as well as the animated sequence from "Kill Bill, Vol. 1", would be teaming up with Fuji TV to produce an entirely CGI animated "family-friendly adventure" titled "Hottarake Island: Haruka and the Magical Mirror". Now the full trailer for the film, directed by Shinsuke Sato, has arrived and it's pretty damn impressive.

"Hottarake Island", or "Oblivion Island" as it's roughly translated into English, tells the story of a teenage girl who is transported to a magical island where every favorite toy, cherished object, and make believe fantasy that people have as children end up going once we cross into adulthood. The glimpses we get of this island are absolutely enthralling, but what can you expect from Production I.G.? Now we just have to wait until August 22nd when "Hottarake Island: Haruka and the Magical Mirror" hits Japanese theatres to find out if there's an equally enthralling story to go along with these lush visuals.

To watch the full trailer head on over to Twitch who've got a copy in their player.

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