Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kunio Kato joins 134 invitees to join the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

by Chris MaGee

It was only a couple weeks ago that I was singing the praises of 32-year-old animator Kunio Kato and his magical series of "Diary of Tortov Roddle" films (read my review here). In the review I even went so far as to say that Kato would be my nomination for the much coveted title of "the next Hayao Miyazaki". Whether you agree with that or not you can't deny that both filmmakers share one great honour: they've both been honoured with Academy Awards, Miyazaki in 2003 for "Spirited Away" and Kato just this year for his 12-minute short "La Maison en Petit Cubes". Now word has come via Variety that Kato is amongst 134 stars and executives, including Anne Hathaway, Seth Rogen and Hugh Jackman, who have been invited to become members of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Not too shabby!

Here's sending out congratulations to Kato-san on receiving yet another well deserved honour from the Academy... and thanks to Anime News Network for pointing the way to this story.

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