Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Ringu" and "Dark Water" author Koji Suzuki releases new novel printed on toilet paper

by Chris MaGee

Yes, you read that headline right. Koji Suzuki, the 52-year-old author who penned the original novels that became the basis of such J-Horror classics as "Ringu" and "Dark Water" has has just released a new novel titled "Drop" about... wait for it... a ghost that haunts a toilet bowl of a public washroom. And you thought Sion Sono's "Exte" and its haunted hair extensions was goofy.

Let's dial back the weirdness for a second, though. According to The Susuki's "Drop" is based on some very traditional Japanese folk stories. In Japan it's believed that ghosts and evil spirits tend to inhabit the smallest rooms in a house, and of course we all know of the connection between Japanese ghosts and wells. Okay that last comparison may be a bit of a stretch, but well/ toilet.... water. You see what I'm getting at?

Even if Suzuki has drawn on old Japanese traditions for this book he certainly hasn't been traditional in its publication. "Drop" isn't even a book. It's a roll of toilet paper! Yes, the story is printed onto a roll of toilet paper and it will only set you back a measly ¥2.10 (just under $3.00 CAD). Just make sure you don't actually use the toilet paper for what it was originally intended for... or the ghost in the toilet will come and get'cha!

Thanks to Twitch for this truly absurd story.

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