Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shinichi Tsutsumi goes from mountain climbing to surgery with "Kokou no Mesu"

by Chris MaGee

Shinichi Tsutsumi had huge creative and commercial success with his lead role in Masato Harada's 2008 film Climber's High" and now it looks like he'll be following up all the trophies and accolades with another intense drama. Tsutsumi will be starring in the big screen adaptation of medical novel "Kokou no Mesu" written by Dr. Toshihiko Ogane. Tsutsumi's character is a surgeon motivated by the childhood loss of his mother has become a skilled and driven surgeon. Yui Natsukawa will star opposite Tsutsumi as a nurse who becomes inspired by this surgeon's passion for his profession. Kimiko Yo, Akira Emoto, and Katsuhisa Namase are slated to round out the cast. Now, is it just me or does this film smack a bit of "The Glorious Team Batista"?

"Midnight Eagle" director Izuru Narushima, and the man who penned the script for "Climber's High", is set to helm "Kokou no Mesu". I wonder if both he and Tsutsumi can repeat the same critical magic as in that previous film. We'll have to wait until next summer when "Kokou no Mesu" is set to be released in Japanese theatres. Thanks to Tokyograph for this piece of news.

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