Thursday, July 23, 2009

New guests announced for Shinsedai Cinema Festival

by Chris MaGee

Earlier this month we announced the first round of guests who'll be attending the Shinsedai Cinema Festival here at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. Author, Midnight Eye co-founder and co-programmer of The Shinsedai Cinema Festival Jasper Sharp, Yasutomo Chikuma, writer and director and star of "Now, I..." and the crew of "Thunderfish (Raigyo)", director Touru Hano, cinematographer Tetsuhiro Kato and lead actress Junko Kimoto amongst many others will all be on hand to present their films, but now we are very happy to announce a new batch of guests who will be taking part in the festival between August 21st and 23rd:

Yoshihiro Ito - director Vortex & Others

Natsumi Seto (above left) - actress Vortex & Others (above left)

Atsuko Ohno - organizer of Peaches! as well as the producer of Takashi Shimizu's Marebito and Yoshihiko Matsui's Where Are We Going?

That's three more reasons why fans of Japanese film won't want to miss the Shinsedai Cinema Festival here in Toronto next month. Tickets and passes are now on sale so make sure to get yours today!

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