Friday, September 11, 2009

Eye-popping gallery of sonosheet record covers

by Chris MaGee

On Fridays we at the Pow-Wow like to post something fun, items that may not be directly related to Japanese film, but instead branch out to cover all aspects of Japanese pop culture. One of the best sources for this type of thing online is Pink Tentacle, and this Friday they certainly don't disappoint. They have got a fantastic gallery od retro 60's and 70's sonosheet record covers. Never heard of sonosheets? Neither had I before seeing this gallery. Apparently they were cheaply made flexible records that were pressed with various theme songs from TV shows like "Robot Detective" (above). I guess in Canada we had something similar to this in the 70's with flexible records inserted into magazines that you could pull out and slap onto your turntable. Those didn't have the snazzy jacket art that the sonosheets had though. To get a look at "Ultra Q", "GeGeGe no Kitaro", "Thunderbirds" and even "Batman" then follow this link to Pink Tentacle.

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