Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Full trailer for Haruki Kadokawa's "The Laughing Policeman" finally arrives online

by Chris MaGee

In September of last year it was announced that one of Japanese cinema's most colourful characters was going to be making his return to the director's chair. Haruki Kadokawa, was the super producer behind such films as Kinji Fukasaku's "The Fall Guy" and Junya Sato's "Men of the Yamato" plus he directed the 1990 historical epic "Heaven and Earth" shot on the prairies of Alberta which with it's ¥5 billion budget was one of the most expensive films ever made by a Japan's studio. Besides these career triumphs Kadokawa also had some serious lows, like a 1993 arrest for conspiracy to sell cocaine for which he was convicted and served three years in prison.

Well, after all that strife Kadokawa is back with his 7th directorial effort, an adaptaion of Jo Sasaki's novel "The Laughing Policeman". The film, which stars Nao Omori and Hiroyaki Miyasako and is due out in Japanese theatres on November 14th, tells the story of a police detective in Hokkaido who gets involved in a murder investigation that involves his friend and fellow police officer. Now after almost a year of silence Nippon Cinema has the trailer for "The Laughing Policeman" and damned if it doesn't look like pretty compelling stuff. To see what I mean click here to check it out.

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