Monday, August 31, 2009

For fans of "The Machine Girl" comes "The Ancient Dogoo Girl"

by Chris MaGee

Lord knows Noboru Iguchi has become a hot new name with North American fans of Japanese films in the past couple years. He's the man who, along with special effects wizard Yoshihiro Nishimura, brought us 2007's comedy/ splatter/ horror movie "The Machine Girl". Iguchi is already poised to bring U.S. and Canadian shlock fans more bloodletting and laughs with "RoboGeisha" this fall, but he's also got something up his sleeve for Japanese TV audiences during that same month.

Starting on October 7th the Mainichi Broadcasting System will begin airing "The Ancient Dogoo Girl", a supernatural comedy/ adventure series based on a premise by Iguchi, who also wrote and directed the premiere episode. The show revolves around a 10,000-year-old girl, played by 18-year-old actress and member of pop group Idoling!!! Erika Yazawa, who is brought back to live to fight equally ancient bad guys in present day Japan.This Dogoo Girl manages this by blasting thigs with her boobs... really... or should I say her magical clay bikini, which Yazawa fills out quite nicely, so nicely in fact that the subplot of the show is how this ancient gravure idol draws out a socially isolated young man named Makato, played by Masataka Kubota. Yeah, when I was a nerdy young teen I think hanging out with a busty Asian girl in a teeny bikini would have drawn me out of myself too.

Along with Iguchi episodes of the series will be helmed by other J-Horror royalty like Takashi Shimizu and "Ju-on: Shiroi Rojo" director Ryuta Miyake. To catch all the boob blasting and supernatural goings on then head over to Nippon Cinema who has the trailer for "The Dogoo Girl", but a word of warning - although there's no nudity in the trailer your boss might no be too happy when they catch you checking out some serious cleavage, so this one isn't exactly work safe, kay?

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