Thursday, September 3, 2009

Samurai + Maid Café = One helluva night out

by Chris MaGee

Okay, so maid cafés have been around for what, almost a decade now? And they've been exported out from otaku central, Akihabara, Tokyo, to all corners of the developed world to sate the Japanese schoolgirl, or maid-girl, fantasies of maladjusted and lonely fellas. Even these guys get tired of the daily grind though, the same cute girls in the same cute maid costumes. So, what do you do to mix things up? Give those maids some katana and light body armour and open up a samurai/ maid café! Yup, no joke. That's the theme of the Mononopu - Sengoku Style Maid Café & Bar in Tokyo where your waitress isn't just decked out in apron and lace, but is also decked out for battle.

I guess we can't file this under film news, just a good laugh for a Friday. For more pics of the café click here. Thanks to longtime blogger Mari Kanazawa for pointing the way to this.

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