Thursday, September 10, 2009

You want a full gallery of stills from Noboru Iguchi's "RoboGeisha"! Just admit it!

by Chris MaGee

Ever since the trailer for "Machine Girl" director Noboru Iguchi's latest film "RoboGeisha" hit the internet back in July folks have been dying to see more tengu mask-wearing martial artists, more geisha's that transform into mini tanks, and more fried shrimp (even I can't resist the dopey humour of that one). This new over-the-top actioner isn't set to open in Japan until October 3rd, but the folks over at have got what all you Iguchi fans have been waiting for - more "RoboGeisha" madness! The Japanese-language film site has posted a full gallery of stills like the one above featuring J-Horror director Takashi Shimizu getting a close up look at the aforementioned fried shrimp, so head on over to check them all out. You know you want to...

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