Monday, November 9, 2009

Additional details and images released from Go Shibata's "Doman Seman"

by Chris MaGee

It was a few weeks back that we included the trailer for "Late Bloomer" director Go Shibata's upcoming film "Doman Seman" in our Weekly Trailers column (check it out here). At that time plot details on the film were limited to a fight between good and evil spirits in the narrow backstreets of Kyoto, but now thanks to Jason Gray we have full plot details for Shibata's "return to form" after the director for hire project "Punch the Blue Sky", as well as an image of the film's chirashi promotional poster.

According to the catalogue for this month's Tokyo Filmex Film Festival, where "Doman Seman" is receiving its world premiere, the film revolves around "Freeloading Shinsuke and a strange homeless man named Tsutomu are brought together by neighbourhood weirdo Abe. According to Abe, both Shinsuke and Tsutomu are "shikigami" (summoned spirits), called upon to fight rampaging supernatural beings in the streets of Kyoto."

Shibata sets the action for "Doman Seman" in the Kyoto nieghbourhood around the Ichijo Modoribashi bridge that includes a shrine built in honour of the 10th-century magician Seimei no Abe who Japanese film fans will recognize from Yojiro Takita's "Onmyoji" can check out Seimei no Abe's shrine in the promotional still (courtesy of above and get even more details about "Doman Seman", including Shibata's inspiration for the film and that chirashi poster, by visiting Jason Gray's blog here.

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