Friday, November 20, 2009

Announcement: J-Film Pow-Wow down shifts but soldiers on!

All our regular readers probably saw that headline and thought, "What?! The J-Film Pow-Wow blog is shutting down?!" THAT IS NOT TRUE! Don't worry, calm down, take a pill and keep checking the blog regularly.

I did want to post an announcement, though, that due to a pretty heavy work load administering the Shinsedai Cinema Festival, other behind the scenes Japanese film-related doings and of course the ever present day job the task of bringing you daily news item between Monday and Friday has become pretty difficult. I'm a man of 37, not 27, so rising at 5:00AM, pulling a full 8-hour shift and then coming home to work on Shinsedai, the brand new Japanese indie film festival here in Toronto, has had a serious impact on friends, family and potential long-term health.

I love (and I don't use that term lightly) that fact that so many of you out there check the Pow-Wow blog regularly and make it your first stop for news and reviews on the world of Japanese film. This blog is for you all. That being said we, meaning Bob, Marc, Matt, Eric and myself, want to make sure we keep bringing it to you the way you deserve to have it presented - well-researched, well-written, and comprehensive - and with my gas tank running nearly on empty most days I have feared that we might move into quantity over quality territory.

So, that being said the J-Film Pow-Wow blog will still keep bringing you the best news, reviews and more from the world of Japanese film, but instead of updating Monday to Friday (and barring any major news stories) for the foreseeable future we'll be updating the blog Tuesday and Friday mornings. Once I personally can bring some balance back into my life you may see us back up at 5-days a week, but for now my plan is to improve the writing, research, and presentation of our news and reviews (as well as pay some attention to our Facebook group) so that we continue to be your first choice for all that's new and interesting in the world of Japanese film.

Keep checking back, and much love to all you regular readers out there!

Chris MaGee


Arun Kumar said...

Thanks for all your hard work Chris, I appreciate it!

Chris MaGee said...

Thanks, Arun! Keep checking the blog! There's still many more years of the Pow-Wow to come!

Yorick. said...

As a regular reader I´d like to thank you for your work here, and wish good luck with the festival.

I run a blog myself,so I now that "gas tank running on empty" feeling (excelent way to put it, by the way), I´ll keep checking the pow-wow for sure!

nishikataeiga said...

There is no need to apologize - I have a regulary readership despite the fact that my blog postings are erratic. Keep up the good work, but take care of yourself first!