Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Koji Wakamatsu gives you an object lesson on the dangers of film piracy

by Chris MaGee

We've all seen those anti-piracy adverts at the beginning of various DVDs, "You wouldn't steal a car... You wouldn't rob a bank... You wouldn't mug an old lady... Why would you download a pirated movie?" Well, the ads go something like that anyway. We at the Pow-Wow are definitely anit-piracy, but some of the ads to deter illegal downloading of films are a bit wishy-washy. That's why we propose that the video below (that comes to us via Wildgrounds) should be tacked onto every Japanese DVD release. The video was shot as part of the release of Koji Wakamatsu's films through French DVD distributor Blaq Out/Dissidenz... but damn it's funny, and effective! Would you mess around with Koji Wakamatsu? I bloody well wouldn't!

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