Friday, January 15, 2010

Queensland, Australia gets a healthy dose of Takeshi Kitano with full retrospective

by Chris MaGee

And finally in our trio of of film programmes and retrospectives in the news we circumnavigate the globe down to the Queensland Art Gallery's Cinematheque and their ongoing series on Takeshi Kitano. Yes, we missed alerting you to this one when it began on December 11th with Kitano's 1989 directorial debut "Violent Cop", but our regular reader Jonathan Tse shook us awake by sending in this news. Since December 11th the folks in South Bank, Queensland have been treated to "Boiling Point" on December 18th and today the Cinematheque will be screening "A Scene at the Sea". If you're a diehard Kitano fan you'll notice the pattern here. Yes, the Queensland Art Gallery is screening Kitano's entire filmography chronologically right up until the retrospective closes on April 3rd with Kitano's 2008 deconstruction of art and artists "Achilles and the Tortoise". Seems like if the programmers just waited a couple weeks they may have been lucky enough to round off this full retrospective with Kitano's upcoming return to yakuze eiga, "Outrage" which we can only surmise will be completed around that point and getting ready for the 2010 festival rounds. 14 Kitano films instead of 15? That's pretty damn good on its own.

To check out the full details on the Queensland Art Gallery Cinematheque Takeshi Kitano Retrospective click here.

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