Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Kyo Kara Hitman - Kenji Yokoi (2009)

Director Kenji Yokoi helms the big screen adaptation of Hiroshi Mutou's manga "Kyo kara Hitman", the tale of an ordinary guy who one day gets a crack at being an assassin. Shinji Takeda plays an ordinary office worker who steps into the shoes of an infamous hitman after the hitman gets hit. Get it? If not just enjoy the action in the trailer.

Vibrator - Ryuichi Hiroki (2003)

Named best film of the year by The Japan Times in 2003 Ryuichi Hiroki's "Vibrator" takes the two-lost-souls epitomized by films like :Lost in Translation" and "Before Sunrise" into whole new emotional territory. Rei (Shinobu Terajima) is a 20-something writer plagued by alcoholism and an eating disorder. When she crosses paths with Takatoshi (Nao Omori) in a roadside convenience store she heads off to discover the back roads of Japan and the consolation of a stranger.

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