Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Zatoichi!!!!

by Matthew Hardstaff

Why just a scant few months ago, we posted about Criterion posting the first 6 'Zatoichi' films on Hulu. Well just a few days ago, they 12 more!! Yes 12!! Now episodes 1-19 are online, with the exception of number 16.

They are still not available for streaming outside of the US, but hopefully that will change. According to Hulu:

For now, Hulu is a U.S. service only. That said, our intention is to make Hulu's growing content lineup available worldwide. This requires clearing the rights for each show or film in each specific geography and will take time. We're encouraged by how many content providers have already been working along these lines so that their programs can be available over the Internet to a much larger, global audience. The Hulu team is committed to making great programming available across the globe.

So hopefully at some point in the near future they will be streamed all over the world. For now, the dwindling availability of the out of print HVE DVD's is all we have to sate our appetite. For everyone else who lives in the US, get your 'Zatoichi' on!

Thanks to Cherry Blossom Eiga for this exciting news.

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