Friday, May 14, 2010

Hyouta Fujiyama's gay-themed manga "Pure Heart" goes live action

by Chris MaGee

It was while was in Frankfurt for Nippon Connection that I was discussing gay-themed fan fiction and yaoi manga with Nishikata Film Review's Cathy Munroe Hotes. I felt that the female fans of yaoi manga, romantic homoerotic stories, and online slash fan fiction is motivated by the same voyeuristic pleasure than men get thinking about lesbians. Cathy disagreed, but the reason I mention this conversation is that Anime News Network is reporting on how one of the more popular yaoi manga is being adapted into a live-action film.

Hyouta Fujiyama's 3-volume manga "Pure Heart (Junjō) has apparently been green-lit and director Satoshi Kaneda will be helming. The script by Hirotoshi Kobayashi will be taking liberties with the love story told in Fujiyama's original though. For the film Rakuto Tochihara will be portraying a writer named Tozaki who after many years crosses paths with his high school crush, a man named Kurata, played by Yuta Takahashi. Their reunion is followed by drinks which is followed by the stirring of old feelings, which is followed by... Well, I think you can guess the rest.

No hard release date has been announced for "Pure Heart" yet, but as more details come out we'll keep you updated.

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