Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NYAFF 2010 brings out the big guns (or big monsters) with their official trailer

by Chris MaGee

One of the biggest events of the summer Asian film circuit is just over two weeks away. Which event is that, you ask? The 2010 New York Asian Film Festival, that's what! We've already had a few weeks to let this year's superb line-up of Hong Kong, Korean, Thai and of course Japanese films sink in, and this past week the folks at Subway Cinema released the full screening schedule for this year's fest. You can check it out here.

Along with the screening schedule Subway Cinema has released this year's NYAFF trailer to get the blood pumping in advance of the fest's June 25th opening. In a recent interview with Twitch NYAFF festival programmer Grady Hendrix said that his fest is one of the Asian film fests "...hacking off the genitals of the old, boring festivals with scythes and casting them into the sea where they will create a white foam from which Aphrodite will emerge." Well, what more can you say? But that in your face attitude is totally translated into this year's kaiju-themed trailer directed by Yasu Inoue.

The 2010 New York Asian Film Festival runs from June 25th to July 8th.

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