Friday, June 11, 2010

Truth or Dare gets dangerous in Tetsuya Egawa's "King Game"

by Chris MaGee

We all remember playing Truth or Dare as kids. It was an opportunity to either get your friends to admit to crushes that they had and/ or get them to perform some pretty goofy stunts. When you become an adult, though, Truth or Dare can become downright dangerous. That's the premise behind an upcoming psychological thriller directed by Tetsuya Egawa titled "King Game". The King Game of the title is also known as Osama Game and works by all the players sit in a circle and hold up a certain number of fingers on one hand. The number of fingers held up are added together and the number is counted around from the person who started the game to the person the last number lands on. Whoever that ends up being is the King and can make anyone in the game do whatever they want. In the film a group of strangers are gathered in a locked room by an unknown game master to play King Game and very quickly things dissolve into a mess of secrets, intrigue, sex, and violence.

The cast of "King Game" is being headed up by 23-year-old actor Takuya Ishida (above left) and 26-year-old actress Sei Ashina (above left), but check out this supporting cast... Yoshino Kimura, Keisuke Horibe, Jai West, Chiaki Sato and Shunsuke Kubozuka, amongst others. And in a refreshing change from a manga being adapted to the big screen "King Game" director Tetsuya Egawa is himself a manga artist who has written this story specifically for film. Egawa's previous credits include the manga "Golden Boy" "Magical Taruruto-kun" as well as his 2006 directorial debut "Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari" that was based on his own manga.

Japanese movie audiences can look forward to seeing "King Game" when it's released August 28th. Thanks to Tokyograph for this news.

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