Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Mainichi Kaasan" Manga to be Adapted

by Marc Saint-Cyr

Another manga adaptation is in the works, this time based on Reiko Saibara's "Mainichi Kaasan." Running in the newspaper Mainichi Shimbun since 2002 and having inspired a television series that started in 2009, the autobiographical manga focuses on Saibara and her comedic experiences with her two children. The film is to be directed by Shotaro Kobayashi and expected to be released in early 2011. yet what is perhaps most intriguing about this particular project is its stars Masatoshi Nagase and Kyoko Koizumi, who are currently divorced from each other and will play a married couple in the film - apparently the first such instance in Japanese film history.

Thanks to the Anime News Network for the background info.

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