Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Tokyo-jima - Makoto Shinozaki (2010)

Based on the novel by bestselling author Natsuo Kirino "Tokyo-jima" tells the story of Kiyoko (Tae Kimura), a woman in her early 40's who is stranded, along with 23 young men, on a deserted island. What might be a sexual fantasy for some women ends up being challenging for Kiyoko and she must fight to the top of this newly established, male-dominated society.

Lily Festival - Sachi Hamano (2001)

Veteran pinku eiga director Sachi Hamano shifted gears in 2001 to bring us a story of love (and yes, lust) in the golden years. Miyano-san (Kazuko Yoshiyuki) is recovering from the death of her best friend at the senior's complex she lives at. While she mourns an elderly playboy named Miyoshi (Mickey Curtis) moves into the complex. Very quickly he ignites passions in Miyano-san and her neighbours that they had thought long extinguished.

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