Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Line - Tadasuke Kotani (2008)

Filmmaker Tadasuke Kotani contrasts two crises in his own life - trying to mend his relationship with his alcoholic father and caring for his girlfriend's child despite not being its father - with interviews he conducted in Okinawa with a group of prostitutes. "Line" was featured at 27th annual Torino Film Festival.

Tange Sazen: The Secret of the Urn - Hideo Gosha (1966)

The legendary one-eyed, one-armed samurai Tange Sazen appears in Hideo Gosha's 1966 film "The Secret of the Urn". Sazen joins forces with the imperiled Yagyu clan in its search for an urn inscribed with a treasure map. This map will lead the clan to a stash of treasure that will aide them in their conflict with an evil lord.

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