Friday, October 29, 2010

Asia Society and Museum brings New York audiences rare cinematic treats from the 60's

by Chris MaGee

Today's announcement of the full inaugural line-up of Jasper Sharp's Zipangu Fest wasn't the only programming news for Japanese film lovers. The Midnight Eye Facebook Page shared news about a programme of Japanese films from the 60's that will be screening at New York City's Asia Society and Museum between November 5th and December 10th. What's so neat about this modest line-up of five films is that the the Asia Society programmers are bringing audiences films that aren't normally screened or readily associated with Japanese cinema from the 60's.

On hand at at Asia Society and Museum will be Hideo Gosha's "Three Outlaw Samurai" from 1964, Mikio Naruse's "Yearning" (above) also from 1964, Nagisa Oshima's "Pleasures of the Flesh" from 1965, Kihachi Okamoto's "Age of Assassins" (trailer below) from 1967 and finally Eiichi Kudo's "Fort of Death" from 1969. Not your usual collection of Oshima, Teshigahara and Imamura now is it? If you're in the New York City area next month then make sure to see these rarely shown films on the big screen. Head to the Asia Society website here for schedule and ticket details.

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