Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"High Kick Girl" doesn't get a proper sequel, but the ass-kicking continues

by Chris MaGee

Fuyuhiko Nishi's 2009 martial arts movie "High Kick Girl" did pretty good business in North America mainly due to its impressive displays of good old-fashioned ass-kicking. With the Japanese film industry in an equally dark place as the Japanese economy it's a no-brainer that we'd see if not a straight ahead sequel to "high Kick Girl" then at least a film that goes under its banner. Now with a report over at Nippon Cinema that's exactly what's happened.

This time out we get a fresh-faced new star, a brand new tale of revenge and a simple acronym for the title - "KG". Directed by "High Kick Girl" screenwriter Yoshikatsu Kimura "KG" stars Rina Takeda and Haruna Tobimatsu as sisters pitted against each other by an evil organization. The beginning of the film sees both girls, Ayaka (Takeda) and Natsuki (Tobimatsu) living happily with their martial arts instructor father (Tatsuya Naka). All that changes though after an evil criminal organization kills dad, kidnaps Natsuki and steals the family's cherished martial arts belt. Jump ahead a few years and Ayaka finds herself forced to battle her own sister who has been brain-washed and trained as a martial arts expert. How's that for a hooky plot?

Japanese audiences will get a chance to see "KG" in theatres on February 5th, 2011, but you know that someone will most likely pick this one up for a North American DVD release. Until then check out the teaser trailer for "KG" below.

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