Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kengo Kora teams up with Anne Suzuki and Ryuichi Hiroki for upcoming film

by Chris MaGee

23-year-old Kengo Kora (above left) is fast becoming one of the ost bankable stars in Japanese film and television. Having been on the scene since 2006 and his role in Tetsuo Shinohara's "Metro ni Notte" Kora has since worked with some of Japanese most important current filmmakers such as Shinji Aoyama (Sad Vacation), Yoshihiro Nakamura (Fish Story), and Sabu (The Crab Cannery Ship ). Now Kora is set to star in a screen adaptation of a novel by one of Japan's most respected post-war authors.

Kora has been cast in the lead role of Ryuichi Hiroki's screen adaptation of Kenji Nakagami's 1992 novel "Keibetsu (Scorn)". Kora will portray the novel's protagonist, a young man named Kazu. Kazu is the son of a wealthy family who spends his days gambling away his family fortune and racking up considerable debts. It seems that Kazu's life will turn around though after he meets and falls in love with an exotic dancer named Machiko, portrayed in Hiroki's film by Anne Suzuki (above right). The only problem is that the debt collectors chasing after Kazu are soon demanding Machiko in exchange for having Kazu's debts wiped clear.

"Keibetsu" marks the second time that Kora has worked with director Ryuichi Hiroki. The two worked together on Hiroki's latest film "Raiou (The Lightning Tree)" released in Japan just last month. Film fans will have to wait for this second collaboration between Hiroki and Kora until sometime next year.

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