Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"High Kick Girl" spin-off "KG" gets full ass-kicking theatrical trailer

by Chris MaGee

It was early last month that we reported that Fuyuhiko Nishi's 2009 martial arts movie "High Kick Girl" was going to be getting a sequel... or a prequel... or a reboot. Well at that point it wasn't clear how "KG", a new film directed by "High Kick Girl" screenwriter Yoshikatsu Kimura, fit in with the original, but it definitely promised some serious martial arts action.

Now over a month later it seems that "KG" still only has a tenuous link to "High Kick Girl", but a new full-length trailer is giving us a bit more of an idea of the film's plot and even more of those amazing martial arts moves. "KG" stars stars Rina Takeda and Haruna Tobimatsu as sisters separated after the murder of their martial arts master father Shoujirou Kurenai (Tatsuya Naka) by an evil organization. Ayaka (Takeda) goes off to study the martial arts of her father, using her skills for good while her sister Natsuki (Tobimatsu) is kidnapped by her father's killers and brainwashed to become an evil assassin. The two sisters reunite not as family, but as enemies who must fight it out for their father's legacy.

Some great action in the trailer below (courtesy of Nippon Cinema) plus it's great to see actor Keisuke Horibe as the evil villain behind Natsuki's kidnapping. But enough of me yapping... Check out the trailer of "KG", set for release in Japan on February 5th, below for yourself.

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