Friday, January 7, 2011

Fan of all things ninja? Then make sure to check out Vintage Ninja!

by Chris MaGee

2010 was a busy year for the J-Film Pow-Wow and for me specifically with various writing and programming jobs cropping up. It was great news, but often the demands on my time and energy kept me from wandering the internet and digging up just plain fun content for the blog. Thankfully over the holidays I did a bit of aimless web surfing and discovered a great website that fans of Japanese film will want to take a look at.

With a mandate to showcase "shinobi, hooded heroes, and girls with sharp pointies in every form of media" Vintage Ninja is the place online to get your ninja fix. Not only does the site have features on ninja history, weaponry and of course ninja films, but it also features links on ninja collectibles like the above left Shinobi-themed sugoroku board game and vintage pics (like the one above right) from the programme to 1982 action film "Ninja in the Dragon’s Den" starring Hiroyuki Sanada.

So in between reading this week's reviews on the Pow-Wow and watching a few films take a break and head over to Vintage Ninja for a a bit of black tight-inspired fun!

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