Saturday, February 12, 2011

The surreal "Primitchibu World" spills off the screen in Shibuya

by Chris MaGee

There have been a lot of mind-bending films that have come out of Japan, in fact the the wild experimentations of a sector of Japanese cinema is what has drawn so many film fans. For those of you out there who get off on the surreal storytelling of Seijun Suzuki and late-60's Nagisa Oshima there's a film that you should check out - Kasumi Hiraoka and Takeshi Shirai's "The Primitchibu World". To sum up the narrative of this film is more than a little difficult. It centers around a young man and woman who live in a one of Japan's many covered street malls and who believe that if they leave the mall that a war will break out. Oh, and there's a god that's watching out for them... and there's a giant teddy bear running around. Trust us, it is an amazing ride that's better experienced than talked about.

Now word comes of an exclusive screening of "The Primitchibu World" that will be taking place at Uplink Factory, Shibuya on February 24th at 7:00PM. This won't just be a screening though. The film will be accompanied by a live musical performance by Shirai and his band and dance performed by Hiraoka. Imagine the trailer below with the action spilling off the screen into the theatre and you'll know that if you're in Tokyo that this is an event you won't want to miss.

For more details on the February live performance and screening of "The Primitchibu World" check out this post on the Makotoya Co. Ltd. web page. Thanks to Keiko Kusakabe for bringing our attention to this.

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